Sample letter to the editor

The Senate budget bill may get us to a balanced budget now, but at what cost? For children, and our state’s future prosperity, it may be immeasurable.

Hard economic times make it even more essential to invest in young children. Today’s children are our future leaders, parents and workers. Our state’s prosperity depends on their healthy development and growth. The key to ensuring that healthy development and growth is early childhood experiences.

The science has already proven that investments in young children are a sure thing. As Dr. Jack Shonkoff—founding director of Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and co-editor of the groundbreaking report, From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development— has said, “Once you know what we know about brain development, how do you morally walk away? From an investment standpoint, how do you walk away from something that will cost you down the road?”


Charlotte Observer Editorial, Reject deep cuts in preschool programs

News and Observer Editorial, Cuts hurt children



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5 responses to “Sample letter to the editor

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  2. Barbara Batts

    I can write and call, but isn’t our planned “Tuesday for Tots ” in June a bit late for our immediate needs? What can we do now as a band of believers other than write or call our reps.?

    • ncchildren

      Pople may certainly attend more than one Tuesday for Tots–in fact, the more that you can be in Raleigh speaking to these issues the better. Also, a vital part is making sure that others in your community are aware of what is happening and also acting. The more calls and letters reps receive, the more that they will know that they will be accountable for what they do to NC’s early childhood system.

  3. Angela Wilson-Newsome

    This is one time that we can’t afford to be silent! If we let the current budget stand as proposed, we will loose decades of acomplishments and achievements in the early childhood field.

    Yesterday, our preschool hosted an event that was attended by a cross-section of community officials, businessmen and professionals. They were amazed at the work we are doing in our More at Four classroom. If we reach out to the “future employers” of our students, I believe we will find them to be tremendous supporters of early childhood programs.

  4. Alejandro G moreno

    This is our future development. Our smart children must be content as adults in of a much world globalized. Please, all congressman and senator of NC support the child education to privilege our nation for ever, and privile the democratic system too. Don’t cut its budged, and keeping the purpose of federal found.

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