Sample letter to your representative

If possible, it’s best to handwrite your letter. Make sure you include your return address so that it is clear you are a constituent. You can find out who your legislators are at

Please remember these are samples. It’s best to personalize your letter.

Sample Letter

As you move forward with the state budget, I urge you to say yes to early childhood and protect and preserve our nationally recognized early childhood education system by:

  • Limiting any funding reductions for early childhood education programs like Smart Start to 4 percent.
  • Using the federal stimulus funding as required to support the child care needs of working families, without supplanting state funding for another early childhood education program.

Hard economic times make it even more essential to invest in young children. Today’s children are our future leaders, parents and workers. Our state’s prosperity depends on their healthy development and growth. The key to ensuring that healthy development and growth is early childhood experiences.

The science has already proven that investments in young children are a sure thing. As Dr. Jack Shonkoff—founding director of Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and co-editor of the groundbreaking report, From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development— has said, “Once you know what we know about brain development, how do you morally walk away? From an investment standpoint, how do you walk away from something that will cost you down the road?

I urge you not to walk away.




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4 responses to “Sample letter to your representative

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  2. Lori Hooker

    Thank you for this information. I have written to the governor and my representative and will continue to let them know how I feel about children and the obligation we have to them. More at Four is such a jump start for those children who may not have the opportunity to socialize and be given a group opportunity to learn and grow before starting school.

  3. Claudia Munoz

    I am Claudia Munoz and I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have 20 year of experience and I am a teacher. My passion in life is to prepare children in an integral manner that enables them to responsibly manage not only his/her own life but also a community, a state or even a whole country. The economic stimulus that I receive through Wages is a great help towards my work as a teacher. I am mother of two girls, a nine year old and six years old, whom really deserve a good life which I try to give them with this monetary help. If I life my work with my who have 20 year of experience and with my studies and education, I would ask myself in whose hands will not only my daughters be left to but also everyone who deserves a quality loving Education. please do not cut this help; I do not Know what I would do with out it. My daughters and I all depend on this and I would hate to have to be forced to find another job. The most important thing is children’s Education and we must not cut its budget please. Claudia Munoz

  4. Blondell Campbell

    I have been teaching pre-school children, four and five year olds, for 28 years. I consider the education of young children very important. I have recently returned to school to earn my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I graduated in 2007 with a BS degree at the age of 50. The education I recieved will help me to better prepare our future generations to be a productive part of our society. All educators should consider that the quality of education we provide for children in their early years guarantees our future as well. “The children we care for now may someday have to care for us.”
    Thank you for this opportunity to comment as an educator and grand parent.

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