What can you do?

Your elected officials work for you. Make sure they know that you want them to support funding for early childhood.

  • Host a letter writing party.
    1. You supply the stationery, stamps, and refreshments. Your friends join you to write their letters to their representatives and newspapers.
  • Post a message on elected officials’ Facebook pages.
    1. List of North Carolina elected officials with Facebook Pages (to come).
  • Change your Facebook icon to the “Say Yes to Early Childhood” logo.
    1. Get the icon. (To save, right click on image and select “Save target as…”)
  • Change your status on Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites to read, “Don’t let North Carolina divest in our future. Say yes to early childhood.”
  • Post the following message on your Twitter account, “Don’t let North Carolina divest in our future. Say yes to early childhood.”
  • Watch Dr. Jack Shonkoff’s presentation at the Leadership Forum on Preparing North Carolina for a Prosperous Future. Share the video with your friends and colleagues.
  • Share this list with your friends and colleagues.


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5 responses to “What can you do?

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  2. Patricia Metcalf

    Why is it that the poorest seem to always take the hit when it comes to economics. The young children in our community are plagued by gun shots, robberies and other violence. The More @ Four programs gives these young children an escape, a safe learning environment, hot meals, a nuturing staff. Do not take this away….say yes to our future!

  3. Keziah A.

    I like Bev Perdue. However, I am disappointed it had to come to this point. As a former educator, I thought she would understand the need for quality early childhood education, especially among low income families. This was one of the reasons I supported her. It moved me to have a former educator in the governor seat who could actually understand our point of view ( I am a preschool teacher who proudly serves diverse children and families in my community.). I understand there is a need to balance the budget but why early childhood education? Why an education program that assists families and young children?

  4. Emma Grady

    I do have a problem with the cuts being made in our early childhood program. In order to prepare the children to become the future, I feel we must step up our game to help them be the most they can become. This will take more funding and programs to make this happen. Some early childhood teachers are already experiencing the pressure from cuts and freezes in their programs. In order to be productive teachers we need all the neccessary tools to help our young scholars. I’m speaking in behalf of young children that need our voices to protect their interest and future. Please!!!! keep our little ones in mind when making decisions to make cuts that may affect them as future leaders of our nation.

  5. I am completely disappointed with these cuts. Throughout the history of childcare, many people fought hard to ensure children had a place to learn, eat, sleep, grow and to be nurtured. Then there became a time where early childhood became a place where turn over rates increased due to lack of pay and benefits for the sacrifices that educators had to make. They began to seek other training and other employment. In recent years programs were started as an advocate for the educator, which is still child advocacy to make sure teachers were stable to make children stable. Educators were able to go to school, advance in this movement and find that their career choice was a legitimate one, verses being looked down on as a baby sitter. Once again another slap is about to happen to our educators, to me and my family. I think early childhood is far above grade school, college, and other sources of higher learning because if you don’t instill values into a small child, where is your future? You cannot have one with out the other of course, but aren’t the early years the most critical?

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