What does this change mean?


As of 2010, More at Four would cease to exist. Instead, the Senate would create a new program called Subsidy Plus. More at Four was created to serve children who are at risk and prepare them for success in school. Many of these children have had no previous early childhood education experiences outside of the home and likely would not attend a prekindergarten program without More at Four. Because it is child driven, there are no parent fees or work requirements.

More at Four is recognized as one of the two best prekindergarten programs in the nation. And research shows it works. More at Four continues to successfully prepare at-risk, 4-year-olds to enter school by helping them improve language and literacy, math, general knowledge and social skills, according to the 2009 evaluation by the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina.

The child care subsidy program was designed to serve a very different purpose. It is intended to help low-income families pay for early childhood care while parents are at work. Most children who currently participate in More at Four would likely fall through the cracks in a subsidy-driven program. This is because 70% or more of the children entering the program each year were not in another program when they applied for More at Four.






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4 responses to “What does this change mean?

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  2. It would be a tremendous loss to the state of North Carolina if More At Four became a Subsidy Plus program under DSS. More At Four has been the second most successful preschool program in the nation serving at-risk children and preparing them for academic and social success! Children from financially disadvantaged families are not only given excellent academic preparation for kindergarten in this program, they are given a number of vital screenings which are free—visual, dental, educational and hearing. They are referred further for any needed services and many of these services are either free or at reduced cost to families. Why would the state of North Carolina create a program noted for it’s excellence only to take it apart a few years later? Our legislators must consider the needs of our children with disabilities who are provided trained intervention under the More At Four program. Those of us who work directly with these children can tell you that tremendous differences can be made in the lives of these children in only two years. Please do not undo the hard work of many professionals, and the hopes of families who turn to us to help their children. More At Four needs to survive as a service to our state.

  3. Susan Nicholls

    I am writing to say that it is imperative that the More at Four program remain intact, on its own as it is now and not be put under a Subsidy Program. North Carolina has lagged behind in education for years. What better way to improve success in school for the at risk child than getting them prepared for and excited about beginning their education. Having qualified, caring teachers is essential. My daughter is a More at Four teacher in Wake County. She has told me of many instances of success she has witnessed throughout the year. One I will share is of two children who spoke no English and did not interact with other children at the beginning of the school year. They have truly blossomed throughout the year and both now interact with others, know their letters and can count up to twenty. It has been most rewarding to her as well as the families involved to observe and be a part of the “blossoming.” Parents have told her they were worred about their children starting kindergarten but thanks to More at Four their fears have been squelched. They have confidence that their child is well-prepared and ready for kindergarten. It would be a real disservice to the people of North Carolina if this program was to be part of a Subsidy Program. I firmly believe that educational opportunities in North Carolina need to be increased. Savings for the State should come from other departments where there is duplication or where they have programs that are not working and not meeting the needs of the residents of NC. It’s time for the legislature to look towards the future and taking care of the most important constituency of our State by encouraging the betterment of educational opportunities for the children. Renew their efforts to serve ALL the citizens not the favored few. Get NC out of the bottom of test scores and prepare our children for success.

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