Where does this number come from?

Total cuts in Senate Budget:

$40 million cut of state dollars in More at Four

$37.2 million cut of state dollars put back by fed dollars ($46 as additional dollars item in budget and $37 as reduction item) for More at Four

$15 million cut of state dollars for Smart Start

$12 million cut of state dollars for child care subsidy

$3.8 million cut of state dollars for T.E.A.C.H.

Total: $108 million cut of state dollars for early childhood

Total State dollars in early childhood:

$210 million Smart Start

$170 million More at Four

3.8 million in T.E.A.C.H.

$50  million estimated. State dollars in child care subsidy

Total: $434 million state dollars in early childhood

108/434 = 25%

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2 responses to “Where does this number come from?

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  2. Katy Craven

    hi my name is katy craven i am a student a wake tech in raleigh north carolina. i am going to school to become a teacher. i think u should not cut so much out of the early childhood program. kids who are in these programs are in them for a reason; they need them to help them succeed in life. if u cut out the after school programs in elementary school then what are the kids going to do they will be out in the streets and that is no place for kids to be. if we cut the program then little kids well be more at risk to become gang members. if we cut the more at four program then the little kids that need that program will not get what they need and if they do not have that they are more likely not to succeed in school or even be ready for school when they are at the age to go to school. also if u cut back on all this and have less teachers and bigger class rooms then how are the kids going to learn. kids need one on one attention sometimes and if they dont get it then they might not learn that certain part of what is being taught. which that will make it harder for them to learn the next thing because it builds on one another in some subjects. so i am not happy with what is taking place kids need all these programs to be the best they can be thank you and i hope you reconsider your choice.

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