NC House Seeking E-Mail Comments on Budget

According to Under the Dome, the House will accept e-mailed comments through midnight Tuesday at as part of their public hearing on the budget.

The Dome reports:

It’s a rare chance for regular people from across the state to whine, vent, or compliment the state’s spending. Members of the public are invited to participate in the Tuesday night event, either in person, or through video hookups across the state.

House budget writers are expected the inevitable flood of interest groups and lobbyists. But they’d really rather hear from regular folks.

“They’re hoping to hear as much as they can from real people who are not always engaged in this process,” said Bill Holmes a spokesman for House Speaker Joe Hackney.

Now is the time to let policymakers that North Carolinians are committed to preserving our early childhood system. They need to hear from parents, business folks, teachers, and citizens from across the state.

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7 responses to “NC House Seeking E-Mail Comments on Budget

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    • Raphelia Hilton

      NC House Members I beg of you to consider our country’s future –
      OUR CHILDREN! It is of the upmost importance that they receive the BEST we have to offer them in their life’s journey. Educating our children -cognitive, social/emotional, and physical is the KEY to their success and ours as a nation. Please be a strong supporter of our children by allowing those of us in the educational profession to continue our service in the early childhood years laying the foundation from which they will build a stronger nation for all to benefit from. Thank you for your earnest care and concern for our future!!!!

  2. Danielle Dean

    Please don’t allow them to take away smart start because it does benifit the child and the teachers! We need to be able to educated the children and we need the resouces to be able to that! Please keep smart start and Say YES, YES,Yes to the children of the future!!!!!!!

    Thanks for hearing me out!!!!!!!!!
    Danielle Dean

  3. Glenda Dalton

    Please reconsider before cutting the Smart Start funding. That program is important to me. It is important because without their support I would not have been able to get my degree in Early childhood. I want to be an advocate for young children. Young children can not voice their opinion, so I am speaking up for them. Without Smart Start, teachers, young children, parents, childcare centers, etc, will be missing a link. Without that link, teachers and others will not be able to prepare our young children for the future. If the young children are our future, then why not support our future. Please allow our children to have a future. Please, Please do not allow these fundings to be slashed. My passion is to help children. This is not about me, but it is about our dear children who need us to take care of them. So again I plead with this committee to please consider all possiblities before cutting the fundings that will support our young children. Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Jennifer Warren

      I agree please do not take away the smart start program because without it. Funding would suffer for so many vital earlychildhood programs such as TEACH and WAGES which is vital for so many of us that wants to go back to school or are already in school studying EarlyChildhood Education. I think that it would be a very bad mistake and just to put it plan a tragedy.

      Jennifer Warren

  4. Glenda Dalton

    Please do not cut any funding that support our young children. Please consider all possibilities before cutting the funds that support our young children and their future. Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Jennifer Warren

      I couldn’t agree more with you because I feel the exact same way. What a mistake that would be to all of us in the field or about to enter the field.

      Jennifer Warren

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