NC One of Only Five States Proposing Decreased Pre-K Investment

North Carolina’s future prosperity will lag behind other states if proposals to significantly cut the early childhood system are passed. A new report by Pre-K Now finds these proposed cuts out of step with many other states. The report found that gubernatorial proposals for FY10 still call for increasing state early education investments by almost 4 percent to $5.4 billion, nationally.

According to the report, North Carolina is one of only five states proposing to decrease its investment in pre-k. The state can’t blame that on its budget situation. The report writes:

“Most governors in cash-strapped states are choosing to preserve or even expand pre-k investments for FY10. Among them, Charlie Crist (R) of Florida, Jon Corzine (D) of New Jersey, and Ted Kulongoski (D) of Oregon are proposing funding increases. Another five are protecting pre-k by proposing to flat fund their states’ programs. Given the stark fiscal realities of FY10, growing and even sustaining current investments in early education is an act of leadership.”

Download the report. Let NC leaders know that you don’t want them to sell our future short.

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