Smart Start Facing Drastic Actions by NC House

We need a full force assault! The House HHS Appropriations Subcommittee is poised to take drastic action against Smart Start. Now is the time to call members of the committee.

1) Smart Start Cut More than Doubled
The cut went from $10 million to $25 million. This is devastating. There will be immediate consequences for children and families in every community. Tell your representatives how you will be affected. And let them know that such a drastic cut will impede our recovery and harm future prosperity. (See Living on the Edge.)

2) Special Provision on Subsidy
The Senate Budget Special Provisions dictated that subsidy spending must be the same as for fiscal year 2008-09. The House subcommittee will be looking at special provisions tomorrow. Tell them this cannot be included. It doubles the cut to programs that aren’t subsidy—meaning all other programs will be cut by almost a quarter. This would be absolutely crippling.

3) Merger
While we haven’t seen the language, rumor has it that that there will be a special provision that consolidates More at Four and Smart Start by 2010. It requires a study between now and then to determine how to consolidate and where such a program should be housed.

Members of the House HHS Appropriations Subcommittee
Verla Insko (D), (919)733-7208
Bob England (D), (919)733-5749
Beverly Earle (D), (919) 715-2530
Jean Farmer-Butterfield (D), (919)733-5898
William Brisson (D), (919)733-5772
Randy Stewart (D), (919)733-5802
Jeff Barhnart (R), 919-715-2009
Justin Burr (R), 919-733-5908
Pearl Burris-Floyd (R), 919-715-2002
Nelson Dollar (R), 919-715-0795
Wil Neumann (R), 919-733-5868


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