Governor Perdue, remember us?

Dear Governor Perdue,
Please don’t forget us. We are the more than 650,000 infants, toddlers and preschoolers in North Carolina. As an educator, you know how important our early childhood years are. You know that the actual structure and wiring of our brains is dependent on the experiences we have now. You championed us during your campaign. We need you to champion us again. You’ve traveled the state talking about education, but you didn’t mention us. Have you forgotten that the education process begins at birth?

Img0017whitebackgroundThe future of North Carolina and its economy depends us. There are more of us in North Carolina each year, but the services to ensure our healthy development and growth are being cut each year.

wgirlcloseupVoters support us. They say funding for early childhood education should continue to be a top priority even in a difficult budget year. We need you to support us too. We need your voice.

–North Carolina’s Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

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One response to “Governor Perdue, remember us?

  1. Please don’t forget the millions of preschool children who depend on us to get a good start with their education by getting them ready for Kindergarten. I work for a non-profit resource and referral who is funded through Smart Start and we can’t take another cut. We serve the people in our county with help in finding quality child care and access to a free resource lending library. I am worried about not having a job in the near future if we suffer anymore budget cuts, I will admit that. But I am really more concerned about the county and its citizens losing out on the quality service we provide every day. Please Governor Perdue, remember us and fight hard to keep quality programs like us that are sponsored by Smart Start alive. Thanks.

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