Some Pediatricians Begin Developmental Screenings

WRAL Video on ABCD Program

WRAL Video on ABCD Program

Last night, North Carolina’s WRAL News aired a piece about screening young children for developmental delays. The ABCD program is an intervention in primary care physician offices, with the goal that all children receive appropriate developmental screenings and referrals in the context of the medical home. About 70% of children with disabilities are not identified before they enter school. Although primary care physicians have regular contact with the majority of young children, they face many barriers to offering regular developmental screening and referral services.

The ABCD program offers training and technical assistance to physicians and their office staff so that children can receive screenings and referrals to appropriate developmental services. The North Carolina Partnerships for Children, Inc., the organization that oversees Smart Start, has been piloting this program in select regions of the state for the past two years with funding from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and Smart Start.

Unfotunately, as WRAL concluded, expansion requires more funding:

“A big concern now is that state funding is in limbo right now for many state programs, and if there are cuts to the Smart Start program, the Partnership for Children may not be able to reach as many pediatricians and children with this screening tool,” said WRAL Health Team Physician Dr. Allen Mask..

Watch the WRAL Video.
Read about ABCD.
Visit the ABCD website.

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