Dear Governor . . . (Part 3)

Over the next several days, we will be posting letters written by early childhood education supporters in response to our August 26th post. We hope that Governor Perdue is listening.

Governor Perdue,

In running for election, you based your campaign on education and advocacy for young children through Smart Start. This was a very welcome agenda in that we all know that education and the well being of young children are vital to the future success of our State.

Your job has been difficult especially in these trying economic times but I would ask before you make another cut in the Smart Start budget to look at other and all possibilities. Not knowing all the programs and operations of the States government, it is a simple request for me to make of you and other leaders. But I also feel that cuts to Smart Start are probably the easiest to make because children have no real voice, at least not yet. Smart Start will do all the right things to ensure that these children receive everything necessary to make them responsible and productive citizens. Smart Start has been in existence long enough to begin paying real dividends, let’s keep the momentum and continue investing in our future.

You have the opportunity to advance our State in the right direction and secure its future by preserving Smart Start, please do the right thing.

Thank you.

Joe W. Carroll

Winston-Salem, NC


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