Have you heard the one about the eggplant?

The Foundation for Child Development has published a new report: How Do Families Matter? Understanding How Families Strengthen Their Children’s Educational Achievement.

A short excerpt follows:

eggplantWhen Phyllis Hunter, former director of reading for Houston’s public schools, talks about the importance of parents to their children’s education, she begins with a tale of three mothers and an eggplant in a supermarket.

The first mother wheels her shopping cart down the produce aisle, where her Kindergartner spots an eggplant and asks what it is. The mother shushes
her child, ignoring the question.

A second mother, faced with the same question, responds curtly, “Oh, that’s an eggplant, but we don’t eat it.” 

The third mother coos, “Oh, that’s an eggplant. It’s one of the few purple vegetables.” She picks it up, hands it to her son, and encourages him
to put it on the scale. “Oh, look, it’s about two pounds!” she says. “And it’s $1.99 a pound, so that would cost just about $4. That’s a bit pricey,
but you like veal parmesan, and eggplant parmesan is delicious too. You’ll love it. Let’s buy one, take it home, cut it open. We’ll make a dish together.”

Hunter’s parable makes clear why an attentive, engaged parent is one of life’s greatest academic advantages.

Download the report.

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