NC a Leader, Yet Behind on Early Childhood Advisory Council

The Next Step in Systems-Building: Early Childhood Advisory Councils and Federal Efforts to Promote Policy Alignment in Early Childhood, a new report from the New America Foundation, offers a nationwide assessment of how states are progressing as they work to develop Early Childhood Advisory Councils. The report shows that states differ significantly in the way that they are approaching the 2007 mandate to establish councils, but are making important gains.

There is a chart that outlines the Status of States’ Advisory Councils as of November 2009. North Carolina is one of only 14 states (including the District of Columbia) that has not named or doesn’t plan to name a Council. Despite that, North Carolina is strongly referenced in the report.


“In several states, the ECAC will sit within a larger network of coordination efforts and councils. In 26 states, particularly those with systems modeled after North Carolina’s Smart Start initiative, there is a network of local councils that can advise and implement the work of the statewide council, though many of these networks are not necessarily linked to the ECAC in a formal way.”

“The Smart Start National Technical Assistance Center, which is part of the North Carolina Smart Start program, has provided technical assistance to nearly all states . . . ”

Background on Early Childhood Advisory Councils:

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