2010 ONLINE National Smart Start Conference

The 2010 National Smart Start Conference Online
February 18, 2010
11 am to 6 pm (EST)

From Vision to Reality: Essential Elements of State Early Childhood Systems

The new federal administration has added fresh energy and initiative to the early childhood work that has been taking place in states. One example is the proposed Early Childhood Challenge Fund, and its focus on the essential elements within a state early childhood development system. The National Smart Start Conference Online will elaborate on this vision and present promising practices for implementing the essential elements.

Keynote Presentation: The Vision
Joan Lombardi Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Lombardi’s presentation will be followed by presentations on the key topics that our federal partners are “studying” as they gear up for helping states implement the challenge fund. These include:

  • Data
  • Quality measures
  • Family engagement
  • Professional development

Each presentation will feature a national expert and local and state leaders who have demonstrated promising practices in each of these areas. The conference will be moderated by nationally-recognized experts Jana Martella and Helene Stebbins.

We will close the day with Stephanie Fanjul, president of The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. She will share reflections, recommendations and next steps.

Taking place completely over the Web, the National Smart Start Conference Online is wherever you are. To register, please visit: http://www.ncsmartstart.org/conference/2010/reg-info.html.

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