What Can You Do?

Sample Letter

If possible, it’s best to hand write your letter. Make sure you include your return address so that it is clear you are a constituent. You can find out who your legislators are at http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/GIS/RandR07/Home.html.

Please remember this is a sample. It’s best to personalize your letter.

As you consider the work mandated by the General Assembly to develop a plan for a highly coordinated and efficient system of early childhood education and care, I urge you to reject the recommendations put forth by the North Carolina Association of County Directors of Social Services (NCACDSS).

Going against everything that science tells us that young children need to thrive, succeed in school, and become productive adults; the NCADSS recommends that the state forgo quality for quantity and force child care providers to take lower than market rate payments. This is bad for children, it’s bad for the economy, and it’s bad for North Carolina.

Rather than creating economic efficiencies, the proposal hurts small business and takes away jobs. Small businesses are fighting to survive. This is particularly true for the child care industry—a once thriving industry for the state, generating substantial tax revenue. If forced to take lower than market rate payments for families receiving subsidy, child care businesses will either refuse to accept such children, or will be forced to close their doors as they won’t be able to cover the cost of care. The result will be the child care shortages (i.e., wait list) that some counties already experience will increase and spread across the state.

The business community relies on the child care industry to have a dependable and productive work force. Job creation depends on parents having access to quality care so they can work, and paying providers fairly so they can offer services and employ teachers. 

In short, the DSS Directors’ proposal is bad for children and threatens our economic recovery. I urge you to reject it.

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