Raising Awareness About Shaken Baby Syndrome

Check out all of the purple hats! Smart Start staff worked with “Threads of Love” from the Raleigh First Church of the Nazarene to make more than 50 hats for the Period of Purple Crying!

Volunteers from across the country are knitting purple hats to help raise awareness of a shaken baby syndrome prevention program called the Period of PURPLE Crying: Keeping Babies Safe in North Carolina. Thousands of North Carolina newborns will receive the hand-knitted caps the week of April 11 as part of Child Abuse Prevention month.

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2 responses to “Raising Awareness About Shaken Baby Syndrome

  1. Hi! Is this still an ongoing activity? One site stated that October 1st was the cutoff for donations of purple hats. Does NC have a different cutoff date?

  2. ncchildren

    This particular promotion is completed, but I believe Threads of Love is an ongoing project, and of course Period of Purple Crying is an active organization.

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