“Hold the Line” for NC Children Virtual Advocacy Day is May 18!

On Tuesday May 18, show your support for programs and services that invest in North Carolina’s youngest children. Take part in the first ever “Hold the Line” for NC Children Virtual Advocacy Day. It’s an easy way to raise awareness about the need for legislators to “hold the line” on funding for programs and services that provide early education and care for young children and strengthen our society.

In these difficult economic times, our state leaders need to know where you want precious state money spent. While we know increased funding for these critical health and education services is unrealistic, we can at least ask for no further cuts and that policymakers “hold the line” on funding.

Joining the action is easy. If you’re on Facebook:

-Find your North Carolina Legislators and post the following question on their Facebook walls: Will you hold the line on investments in young children?

-Post this short video clip in which Dr. Shonkoff of Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child explains the Science of Early Childhood(3:58).

-Or, you could post this emotionally moving video called Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything (3:57), which shows how early care and education programs serve young children.

-Create a “Hold the Line” video about why you think legislators should keep funding early education initiatives. Here’s a sample script to get you started. You could post it as a “Hold the Line” video on YouTube and share it with legislators and friends through a link on Facebook. Here is a sample script.

If you’re a blogger:

-Post this banner on your blog to draw attention and link people to information.

– Blog about early education from your own experience or using this background information:

– Why investing in early education and care matters.

– What investments in young children in NC look like.

Why investments in early education and care are good for the economy.

– Post brief video clips about brain development and how early education programs and services support families.

– Other resources.

If you’re on Twitter, tweet about why you want legislators to “Hold the Line” on investments in young children.

If you or your company has a website, post this “Hold the Line” banner on May 18th to show your support.

North Carolina’s future prosperity depends on how we strengthen and build our communities today. Future citizens are born every day, and by working together to ensure they all have opportunities for healthy development, success in school, and a productive life, we build a stronger North Carolina for everyone.

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4 responses to ““Hold the Line” for NC Children Virtual Advocacy Day is May 18!

  1. Dick Swift

    Your parents would get a lot out of keeping up with Fran Swift’s (author of Rezoom’s Helping Hands parenting cards, used by Smart Starts, Early Head Starts etc etc) blog: http://parentpulse.wordpress.com/

    It’s very helpful to parents of young children.
    Post it if you wish. You’ll find her insights and writing to be inspirational.

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