Why your voice is needed now

North Carolina legislators are meeting right now in Raleigh and making tough decisions about what to fund with a limited budget. Let them know that you want funds to go towards initiatives that invest in young children in North Carolina. Because today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, parents, and workers, every North Carolinian has a stake in making sure all children thrive. After all, communities thrive when children thrive! 

Services for young children are in jeopardy. Legislators have steadily cut funding for nearly a decade to some programs that serve young children, while the need in North Carolina has continued to grow. This means completing cutting or significantly reducing programs that: 

  • Provide early learning opportunities to help children succeed in school and in life. 
  • Make sure children have well-child doctor visits and screenings to ensure healthy growth and development.
  • Help parents find and afford high quality child care.
  • Promote nutrition and physical activity in child care to prevent obesity.
  • Strengthen families through parent support and parent education programs.
  • Improve the quality of child care through professional development and technical assistance for child care providers.

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