Lack of child care subsidy in NC keeps parents from working

This letter was sent to Senator Goss on June 9th. He replied immediately and showed support for more subsidy funding.

Dear Senator Goss,

Things are getting to a desperate state in Wilkes County, we have parents who have finally found a job but since April 1st there is a freeze on subsidized childcare funds, so they are not able put their children in child care. We have available childcare slots but no way to help parents pay for their child care. The department of Social Services will not start taking children off the waiting list as they are concerned they will not have enough funds for the children who are being served.

 Please remember how subsidized childcare is tied into economic recovery…. Without children in our existing child care sites they will close and there will be no childcare when we do recover, and the parents who need help with their childcare bill will quit their jobs . We have had parents crying on the phone and having to quit new jobs since there is a waiting list for subsidized child care.

Summer care is also at a crisis state as there is a waiting list for subsidy so families are resorting to children staying at home alone. Smart Start is working hard to provide scholarships for childcare with fundraising and donations. We are training high schools students in CPR and First Aid for free to get some qualified child care sitters in the community since we no longer have 4-H providing child care on site of our local elementary schools.

Wilkes Smart Start Board of Directors has always had the priority of supporting parents working and subsidized childcare is our foundation for this. I appreciate your continued support with this critical issue.

Laura Welborn

Executive Director Wilkes Smart Start

 1006 F. Street North

Wilkesboro, NC 28659


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One response to “Lack of child care subsidy in NC keeps parents from working

  1. Christy

    I think giving CPR to Teens is great idea……some mini child development classes would be nice too. I have worked in childcare for 12 yrs. I may be available to give workshops on a Saturday to teens such as age appropriate activities, Cool Downs / Giving yourself a Time Out, realizing your own breaking point, Games to keep children busy, home made toys, games, art projects etc.

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