NC Early Childhood Cuts Kept to a Minimum

First, thanks to all of you who work tirelessly on behalf of the young children in your communities—you made sure that your voices were heard in the legislative halls of the General Assembly and in the Governor’s mansion. And they were heard!

Here’s the budget as it relates to early childhood education:

  • Smart Start. A cut of 2.5%. ($5,000,000)!
  • More at Four.No cut. Replaces on a one-time basis, General Fund appropriations for More at Four, replaced with TANF funds. ($30,559,012) .
  • Child Care Subsidy. A one-time cut replaced by TANF funds. ($23,625,329)


Now is the time to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Call and fax the Governor’s office and your elected officials. They did their best to protect our state’s young children, and we need to let them know how appreciative we are.

More details will be forthcoming. The House and Senate will vote on the budget Conference Report today, June 29, and tomorrow, June 30. Tomorrow after the vote, the report will be hand delivered to the Governor for her signature.

Go to to see the final budget. Home page under NEW.

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