Smart Start Appreciates Educators: Letter from a Brunswick County Child Care Teacher

“As a tax paying citizen, a graduate of Brunswick Community College’s Early Childhood Education Department, and a current early childhood educator, collaboration with Smart Start has been instrumental in my career. From working with the Professional Development Program Coordinator as I began my education, through implementing resources now as an educator, I have found Smart Start to be invaluable.

To begin, the Professional Development Program of Brunswick Community College works to further the experience and education of aspiring educationalists. During my involvement with the Program at BCC, the Professional Development Coordinator supported my career and education in multiple ways. From class scheduling at BCC, to my graduation progress and transition to UNCW to continue my education, the Professional Development Coordinator has provided reliable knowledge and support.

Through the Program, I was able to begin gaining experience while completing my education at BCC. While employed at a child care center, I had the opportunity to work with the Smart Start Child Care Resource & Referral program. In an effort to improve the quality of the center, the director worked through Smart Start and saw immediate positive results. Another benefit of Smart Start that I am able to exercise is the Lending Library. The materials available at the Library truly make a difference in the classroom.

Furthermore, I have participated in R&R training sessions. Each session is hands on, and applicable to our needs. From this, we have constructed a strong base of knowledge as educators, and improved the overall center quality through these learning opportunities.

Another facet of Smart Start that I have benefited from is the Bonus Program. Not only did this off-set the cost of my tuition, but it displayed Smart Start’s outreach to its educators. Smart Start fosters a harmonious relationship with local educators, and understands the efforts we put forth to improve ourselves. Smart Start cares.

Set to complete my Bachelors Degree from UNCW in 2012, and a current More at Four teacher at the Brunswick Community College Early Childhood Education Center, I continue to see the benefits of Smart Start daily. Not only am I able to serve as a role model for upcoming graduates, I am able to combine my education and experience to ensure the children are prepared for life. As an educator, my goal is to instill a love of learning and help children with socialization. Smart Start provides additional resources for me to tailor learning to each child. It is truly the children and community who benefit.

Smart Start continues to appreciate educators, and I will continue to support the program.”
-Jamie Griffith, Brunswick County


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