North Carolinians Speak Out in Support of Smart Start

North Carolinians support investments in early childhood education. The comments below are from postcards that have been delivered to North Carolina legislators.

Early childhood education is important to North Carolina because:

“Government, like families, should make the right kind of investments and sacrifices to meet the needs of our children. Our welfare as a society depends on it. Our state will lose economic productivity and competitiveness if we do not ensure high quality education and health for our children now. We cannot plow under the seedling and expect a harvest.”

Deborah D., Chapel Hill

“Children are an investment in our future. I work with early educators who are seeking to further their knowledge and education to better serve the children of NC. This program, however, is being cut. This results in less support and assistance for early educators. My position is being eliminated. This impacts not just educators, but also my family. I’m a single mother of two boys.”

-Jennifer, Western NC


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One response to “North Carolinians Speak Out in Support of Smart Start

  1. Shannon Shurko

    Military families are geographically separated from the support systems that may be in place in their hometowns. These supports include: grandparents, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Smart Start has helped military families develop support systems in the military communities by leveraging resources, empowering young and new parents, educating early child care providers, and by embracing these “families away from home” as their own. It is appalling that a state which claims to be the most military friendly would allow for such a disservice. Speak up North Carolina!! Take a stand for the families who sacrifice while their loved one serves. Take a stand for the child who naps at a quality child care facility with a pillow of a loved one in uniform printed on the case. Take a stand for the young military families who contribute and support their adopted communities, even during times of tremendous strain.

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