Civitas Continues Attacks on Smart Start

The Civitas Institute will go to any lengths in its attempts to defame Smart Start, regardless of what happens to children in the process. It continues to rehash its same old attacks on Durham’s efforts to help working families afford child care.

In response to a recent news brief from the Civitas Institute, Dan Hudgins, Chair of Child Care Services Association’s Board, said the following:

“Andrew Henson of Civitas once again posts a piece full of false allegations and a video obviously edited to convince readers of his falsehoods. His anger is misdirected. State budget cuts to Smart Start funds, growing populations of vulnerable children, the unavailability of expected federal funds and lower attrition rates meant there was not enough money to continue to help all of the working families who needed it. How many times will Henson recycle the same inaccurate propaganda? And in an ironic twist, Henson and Civitas argue that Durham would be better served by awarding the funding to the local Department of Social Services (DSS). Yet, the Durham DSS returned to the state this year almost $600,000 of money that could have helped some of the 2,000 Durham children on their subsidy waiting list.”

The Durham Partnership for Children also issued a statement, outlining its process for awarding funding to community providers. Board Chair Angie Welsh concluding by saying:

“The Partnership stands on the principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency on critical matters that impact our young children and our community’s future.”

Download the Durham Partnership for Children statement.


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