Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Early Care and Education

MomsRising.org, an organization working to achieve economic security for all families, and Together NC, a collection of more than 115 non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional associations, set up lemonade stands across the state to raise money for children’s causes. Children, parents, and early childhood advocates raised money, one cup at a time, for kids’ programs like Smart Start while also raising awareness about the devastating cuts to these programs.

Recently, The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc., the organization that leads Smart Start, received a $268.76 donation from a lemonade stand fundraiser!

“North Carolina’s early childhood programs have been a model for other states, because they’ve gotten real results for our children,” said Beth Messersmith, state campaign director for MomsRising.org.“It simply doesn’t make sense to dismantle these programs when we’re trying to set our kids up for a positive future.”

Following the lemonade stands, parents and children delivered the money raised to the Office of State Controller to deposit in the NC General Fund.



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2 responses to “Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Early Care and Education

  1. Esteban Colberto

    Great achievement. We can teach children about capitalism by having them work in the service industry, get rid of those pesky child labor laws, and have them earn minimum wage to raise money to fund their own education. While they are scrubbing floors at their McJob, instead of learning creative complex skills, the hundreds of vacant jobs we have at our company in Healthcare IT wil just be outsourced to Asia where the globalists can afford to send their kids to schools actually preparing kids for the information economy.

  2. Esteban Colberto

    Sorry guys, that didnt sound right, i am an active participant in preventing early education cuts. Let me think this angle a bit more and will repost later.

    Very upset about the cuts and short sightedness and lack of understanding that defunding education does more than put our kids at a huge disadvantage, it also fails to prepare kids for employment in the military… the whole reason we have public education. A military that also relies on hiring the brightest kids from CalTech and MIT to innovate.

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